What is Vryno CRM?

A One-Stop Solution for all your CRM Needs

Vryno CRM brings to you a comprehensive environment that's easy to learn and use. Now, you can create instances, set rules, schedule meetings, track your customers anytime anywhere, and do more with minimal clicks. With a customer-centric approach, Vryno CRM has been launched across geographical locations. Check out the features of Vryno CRM below.

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Features of Vryno CRM


Unique UI

Step aside from the usual and step into something different. Vryno's unique user interface paves the way for ease and simplicity like you have never seen before.


Anytime, Anywhere Customer Tracking

Every business wants the best output. Which is why there needs to be constant interaction. With Vryno CRM, you can now track the activities related to a particular business and extract the best possible insights for the same.


Minimal to No Training required

How many times have you found yourself stuck with your CRM software? Those days are now over. Vryno CRM's easy to use quality makes it even easier to learn on your own, thus making the whole process super fun. Say goodbye to tough, overcomplicated, and tedious experiences with Vryno.


Customized and Seamless

As the name itself suggests, Vryno CRM enables you to customize your experience. This not only leads to a seamless experience but also improves productivity.


Import Bulk Data from Legacy System

Your legacy system might not allow growth and you might want to switch. For the same, Vryno CRM allows for importing bulk data from the system.


Handle Change Requests as per your Business Needs

Vryno CRM allows you to make changes quite easily. Whether you want to add a field or add a workflow, Vryno CRM offers you the flexibility to do that.


Integrate Easily with Other Systems

Share data. Prevent data loss. Stay connected within devices.


Get started

Here's a quick start guide to Vryno CRM. Map your customers today:

  • Register yourself and your Instance will be created
  • Now you can start creating Contacts
  • Create Activity as per you need
  • Generate Leals and convert into Deals
  • Add all the follow-up activities in Vryno
  • Now Relax and see your business Growing