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How to Add a New Stage to the Deals Pipeline in Vryno CRM

Step 1: Log in to Your Vryno CRM Account: Visit the Vryno CRM website and log in with your credentials.



Step 2: Access Your Profile and Select Settings: After logging in, click on your profile icon, and then select ‘Settings.’


Step 3: Navigate to Customization and Click on Modules and Fields: In the ‘Settings’ menu, find the ‘Customization’ section and click on ‘Modules and Fields.’


Step 4: Access the Deals Module and Select the Pipeline: Within ‘Modules and Fields,’ locate and click on the ‘Deals’ module. This is where you manage your deals.


Step 5: Create a New Stage: To add a new stage, click on the option to add a new stage (usually represented by a ‘+ Stage’ button).



Step 6: Provide Relevant Stage Details: A form or dialog box will appear. Fill in the relevant details for the new stage, such as its name, probability, and any other necessary information.



Step 7: Save and Confirm: After filling in the stage details, save the new stage. The new stage is now added to your Deals pipeline.


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