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Terms of Use

The appropriate Vryno company named (hereinafter “Vryno”) OFFERS YOU OR THE company YOU REPRESENT (hereinafter “You” or “Your”) Vryno CRM, A CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Software, subject to the terms and conditions (hereinafter “terms”) in addition to the Vryno CRM’s standard terms of service. your use of Vryno CRM confirms your acceptance of these terms and general terms of service. do not use Vryno CRM in any way if you do not agree to these terms and procedures.

Accessing Vryno CRM

Vryno CRM is a component of the company’s array of online productivity, business, and communication tools. You will be able to access Vryno CRM using your single account for all Vryno Services (thus, “Vryno Account”).

Using Vryno CRM to Access Third-Party Applications

Vryno CRM and a number of Vryno Services are connected. Even though some Vryno Services are not linked to Vryno CRM, your Vryno Account will still give you access to all Vryno Services. Acceptance of the terms of service unique to those Vryno Services (hence “Service Specific Terms”) may be necessary in order to use some of these Vryno Services. Before using the corresponding Vryno Service, you must read, comprehend, and agree to the Service Specific Terms.

Accessing Third Party Applications Integrated with Vryno CRM

Vryno CRM has many third-party integrations (hence “Third Party Application(s)”). More Third Party Applications will be integrated with Vryno CRM, according to Vryno. Additionally, if the other Third Party Application permits it, you can combine any other Third Party Application with Vryno CRM using the API. To access and use such Third Party Applications, you may be required to agree the terms of service and privacy policies that are applicable to such Third Party Applications (hereafter “Third Party Terms”). It is your duty to read thoroughly and comprehend the Third Party Terms before using or accessing any Third Party Application.

Email Policy

We support email usage that is sincere. Your account will be barred from sending any more emails if your email bounce rate exceeds a permitted range. When you send promotional emails using Vryno CRM, you must abide with the rules of our anti-spam policy.

It is our responsibility to keep illegal behaviour out of our system. To guarantee better deliverability for our clients and to protect our reputation, emails sent through Vryno CRM will be reviewed using automated methods. If you breach our terms, we retain the right to limit emails from your account or even terminate your membership.

Telephony Functionality

In connection with your utilization the telephony functionality, which is a component of Vryno CRM, you understand and accept that (i) you may be required to submit additional information, if asked for by the appropriate regulatory bodies, for buying phone number(s); (ii) you are solely responsible for adhering with all applicable laws in all jurisdictions regulating your use of the telephony functionality; and (iii) you will indemnify, defend, and hold Vryno harmless from and against (iii) the telephonic function is not intended to support or transmit emergency calls to any emergency services.

Usage Limits for Vryno CRM

Vryno may apply use limits based on the subscription package you pick. To receive ongoing service, you must keep your consumption under the Vryno-mandated usage limits. You understand that if you surpass the use limits for some activity, Vryno may limit your ability to do so.


Technical expertise is needed to integrate Vryno CRM with Third Party Applications using Vryno’s APIs. You are aware that data loss and corruption can result from integration problems or other flaws. For the integration, you must make sure to hire professionals with the necessary technical skills. You acknowledge that Vryno is not responsible for any data loss or corruption brought on by mistakes or flaws in the integration.

Any feature that is not made available in the API documentation must not be attempted to access. You acknowledge and accept that Vryno won’t be held responsible for the results of your access to or use of any hidden API features.

API Deprecation

Vryno reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to discontinue support for the current version of the API or to upgrade to a subsequent version. In all cases, the current version of the API will be deemed deprecated and identified as the “Deprecated Version” (below). If Vryno chooses to deprecate the present version of the API, you will be alerted through a service notification. Vryno will make reasonable commercial attempts to offer assistance with the Deprecated Version for six months post its deprecation notification (thereby the “Deprecation Period”). You understand that Vryno is not obligated to incorporate functionality from a later version in the Deprecated Version.

If you breach any of the conditions of these Terms or the General Terms of Service, or if Vryno feels that continuing to support the API is considered a security risk to Vryno, the company may discontinue support for the Deprecated Version during the Deprecation Period at its own discretion.

API Usage Limits

The number of calls, the number of records for each call, the bandwidth used, and the frequency of calls are just a few examples of the usage restrictions that Vryno may impose. In order to receive continuous service, you must follow the usage restrictions set by Vryno. You are aware that if you exceed the usage cap for a particular activity, Vryno may restrict that activity, and that if usage limits are exceeded before or during an API request, the API call may fail or only partially complete.

Changes to the Terms of Use

The Vryno CRM Terms of Use are subject to alteration. Any changes to the Terms of Service become effective the minute you use Vryno CRM after they are published.

Updated on: 07/08/2023


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