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Pricing Plans

Vryno Gmail Integration will allow you to see emails sent to your CRM contacts through Gmail in your Vryno Instance. This will work for your Gmail IDs or your Google Workspace IDs.

Vryno, will collect and process user data to enable the following functionalities:   

  • Mail Synchronization

Vryno will download and store user emails, including message headers, bodies, and attachments. This data is processed to facilitate email management and presenting emails within our application. 

  • Sharing Emails within the Organisation & Users

Users have the option to grant other Vryno users access to their emails. When this feature is enabled, the emails become visible to all users within a specific Vryno CRM instance. An ‘instance’ in Vryno CRM refers to a separate installation or deployment of the CRM software for distinct organizations or entities. Each instance functions as an independent CRM system, tailored to the specific requirements and data of its respective organization. This separation ensures data isolation and customization, allowing organizations to have their own dedicated CRM environment within the Vryno platform. Users can control data visibility within their instance, including the option to grant public access to their emails, which makes them visible to all users within that particular CRM instance. 

  • Future Calendar Synchronization

We are actively exploring the possibility of extending our data processing capabilities to include calendar synchronization. This will further enhance our application’s functionality by enabling users to manage and synchronize their calendars. 

In summary, the user data we collect and process is primarily used to provide essential features, such as email and potentially calendar synchronization within Vryno. Users have control over their data’s visibility when opting for public access to emails, and Vryno CRM instances are designed to offer tailored CRM solutions for different organizations. We maintain a strong commitment to data security and privacy, ensuring that user data is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.