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How to use different views of Organisations module in Vryno CRM

Views in Vryno CRM

Explore different perspectives with Grid view, List view, and Kanban view in Vryno CRM.

1. Login to Vryno CRM: Log in to your Vryno CRM account using your credentials.


2. Organisations Module – Grid View:

  • Navigate to the Organisations module. The default view is the Grid view, presenting information in a grid format.


3. Organisations Module – List View:

  • Switch to the List view for detailed information about each Organisations in a list format.



4. Organisations Module – Kanban View:

  • Explore the Kanban view, offering a visual representation of leads in a Kanban board format.




5. Drag-and-Drop Status Update: Easily change the status of leads by dragging and dropping records from one status to another in the Kanban view.





6. Kanban View Settings: Customize your Kanban view settings by clicking on the top-right dropdown menu.




7. Save Settings: After adjusting Kanban view settings, click on ‘Save’ to apply and store your preferences.



8. Organisations List : Review the updated list of Organisations, organized according to their Organisation source or priority or in any preferred manner that aligns with your specific requirements.

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