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How to create Deals in Vryno CRM

Deal Management in Vryno CRM 

Link for Reference: https://docs.vryno.com/docs/vryno_user_manual/guide_for_starters/deal_management_in_vryno 


What is Deal Management?


Deal management is the process of organizing, tracking, maintaining, prioritizing, and analyzing your deals no matter where they are in the sales pipeline. The purpose of deal management is to efficiently move deals through the sales process and increase conversions. 


Important Fields in Deals


Deal Name: Name of the Deal 

Owner: Salesperson associated with the Deal 

Contact: Name of Customer’s Point of Contact associated with the Deal 

Organization: Name of the Organization associated with the Deal 

Deal Pipeline: Sales Pipeline associated with the Deal 

Deal Stage: Sales Stage where the Deal is currently at right now 

Expected Closing Date: Date the Sales Person expects to close the Deal 


Steps to Create Deals in Vryno CRM  


There are three ways to create a Deal. 

  1. From the Deals module 
  2. Using Quick Create 
  3. By importing 


How to Create Deals from Deals Module


Step 1: Log in to your CRM account 



Step 2: Click on Deals on the Top Menu Bar 

Step 3: Click on “+ Deal” 

Step 4: Fill the required details & click on Save to save the record or Save & New to continue creating more Deals 


How to Create Deals from Quick Create


Quick Create is a handy option for creating records from anywhere in the CRM. You can identify Quick Create by the + icon on the top bar of your CRM screen. 

Follow these steps to create a contact using Quick Create: 

Step 1: Log in to your CRM account 

Step 2: Click the + icon and choose Deals. 

Step 3: Fill the details and click on Save 


Through Bulk Import


You can import multiple Deals at once using the Bulk Import Feature of Vryno CRM. 

To learn more, click here 


Deals Module Views


You can view a Deal module in two ways: 


  1. Grid View

  1. List View

  1. Kanban View


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