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Custom Views


What are Custom Views? 


In Vryno CRM, custom views refer to personalized and user-defined views within different modules of the CRM system. A module in Vryno CRM represents a specific category of data, such as Contacts, Leads, Deals, Tasks, Cases, etc. Each module typically comes with default views that display data in predefined ways, but custom views allow users to create their own views tailored to their specific needs and preferences. 

Custom views offer several benefits, including: 

  1. Data Visibility: Users can define which fields and information they want to see in their custom views, allowing them to focus on the most relevant data for their workflows. 
  2. Data Organization: Custom views can be designed to display data in a particular order or arrangement that suits the user’s workflow, making it easier to navigate and access critical information quickly. 
  3. Filtering and Sorting: Users can apply filters and sorting options to customize how data is presented, enabling them to view specific subsets of records that meet certain criteria. 

Personalization: Custom views enable each user to create views that suit their individual preferences and work processes, enhancing user experience and productivity. 

Saved Preferences: Once created, custom views can be saved for future use, saving time and effort when accessing frequently used data configurations. 

For example, in the Contacts module, a sales representative might create a custom view that displays only high-priority leads from specific industries, sorted by the last contact date. This custom view helps the sales representative focus on the most important leads and prioritize follow-up activities effectively. 

In the Deals module, a sales manager might create a custom view that displays deals with a high potential value, sorted by the expected close date. This custom view allows the sales manager to identify key opportunities that require attention and track progress toward meeting sales targets. 

Custom views in Vryno CRM empower users to tailor their CRM experience, providing them with the flexibility and control to work efficiently and make informed decisions based on the data that matters most to their specific roles and responsibilities. 



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