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How to create a new instance in Vryno CRM

Instances in Vryno CRM 


What are instances in Vryno CRM?  


In the context of Vryno CRM, instances refer to separate installations or deployments of the CRM software for different organizations or entities. Each instance represents a distinct and independent CRM system, serving the specific needs of a particular organization. 


Here are some key points regarding instances in Vryno CRM: 


  1. Organization-Specific Environments: CRM instances are created to provide a dedicated environment for each organization using the CRM system. Each instance is customized and configured to align with the specific business requirements, workflows, and data management needs of that organization. 
  2. Data Separation: CRM instances ensure data separation and isolation between different organizations. Data entered and managed within one CRM instance remains distinct from data in other instances. This separation is essential for maintaining data privacy, security, and compliance with regulations. 
  3. Customization and Configuration: CRM instances allow organizations to customize and configure their CRM system according to their unique needs. This includes customizing modules, fields, workflows, and user interfaces to align with specific business processes and terminology. 
  4. Access Control and Security: Each CRM instance has its own access control settings and security measures. Organizations can define user roles and permissions within their instance to control data access and ensure data confidentiality. 
  5. Integration and Interoperability: CRM instances can be integrated with other systems and applications used by the organization. This enables seamless data exchange, process automation, and improved collaboration between the CRM system and other business tools. 
  6. Scalability and Performance: CRM instances offer scalability to accommodate the growth and changing requirements of an organization. Organizations can expand the capabilities and resources of their CRM instance as needed to handle increasing data volumes, user counts, or functionality demands. 


CRM instances provide a way for organizations to have a dedicated and tailored CRM environment that meets their specific business needs. They ensure data separation, customization, and security while enabling integration with other systems. By having their own CRM instance, organizations can effectively manage customer relationships, streamline sales and marketing processes, and improve overall operational efficiency. 


Steps to create a new instance in Vryno CRM:  

Step 1: Login to your Vryno CRM account 

Step 2: Go to you profile and click on Instances 

Step 3: Click on + Instance on the top right corner 

Step 4: Give the Instance a name and then click on Create Instance 


Step 5: Choose the Sub-Domain, Add Admins and Description to the Instance and Click on Next 

Step 6: Select the applications you would like to work with and Click on Submit 

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